Beefriendly Beesuits:


We got this mail from the J. Glisson, the vice chair of the Irish Beekeepers Association

“After years of sweating the summers away in the apiary I was thinking about giving a ventilated bee suite a go. …
The first thing to note about these suites are that they are fully biodegradable, made from certified organic cotton. How cool is that!
As a beekeeper I am acutely aware of the environment and the effect of pesticides on our pollinators, so already I am feeling warm and fuzzy about this idea, but not so warm and fuzzy that I am happy to be stung.

So when the Irish temperatures finally reached 17 degrees at 9.30 in the morning, I decided to head out to the apiary for a hot sweaty day at the bees, and give the suite a go.
The first thing that struck me was that I could see. The vizor is great quality. No more of that nausea inducing change of focus as you are trying to see eggs through the mesh with glasses on. That alone is a winner for me.
Once I started working with the colonies all my senses were focussed on them, but every now again a random thought went through my mind, where is that breeze coming from? 3 hours later  I realised that I was not sweating, the suite was allowing a breeze to come through and keeping me comfortable. Most importantly, I didn’t get stung.
So all in all I was delighted with the suite. Thank you”



Natural rubber Seed Trays:

We are both big fans of Charles Dowding's 'no dig' approach to gardening and have both enjoyed Charles' courses at Homeacres. So we were thrilled when Charles agreed to try out our natural rubber seed tray. (Ours is the tray on the right of the photo). Charles said the following: 

'Great result, lovely plants, easy to use. I like the small cells. 

I thought she small drainage holes might be a problem, especially by making it more difficult to push the rootball up when planting. However because the tray is so flexible, plants push up easily and the rootball is not damaged.

Drainage is fine, growth is steady.

On size I would not go smaller. The size you have is ideal for starting almost all veg and few modules can offer that. The amount of compost used is not excessive, space requirement is fine, say germinating on a windowsill.'